Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, a celebration of your unique love story.  We understand this and do all that we can to help you enjoy every single moment.  We photograph every detail, moments behind the scenes & all the most joyful & love filled interactions throughout your day.  Your day will already be unforgettable, we just document it so you can see it and feel it every time you look at your images for years to come.  


venue / food : Barr Mansion / Texas

floral : Bouquets of Austin

photography / editing : Amanda Hoffman ART 2020

Second Photographer: Nika Rayno 

the bride...

venue: Hidden River Ranch

planning: PK Planning / 

makeup: / Codie Lepors

hair: Jane Lewis

photography / editing: Amanda Hoffman ART 2020 

All Images © Amanda Hoffman ART.